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Pokemon Go Coupon Code → May 2020

Pokemon Go Promo Codes November 2019 : Top Free Coins Coupon Code:Pokemon Go Released on 6 July 2016, – one of the most interesting game, deals with over 100 million downloads all over the world specially in united states. girls and boys, everyone is enjoying this best addictive & award winning game developed by Niantic. In this latest update that happened over three days ago, developers introduced a major feature of promo codes.

Pokemon Go Promo Codes

you know, Pokemon Go comes with special shop section from where one can buy lucky eggs, pokecoins, poke ball packs, incubators and lots of other virtual accessories. Now you can grab those for free or at an extreme offers with Pokemon Go promo codes. In this coupon offer post we are going to include as well as update latest working coupons from time to time. Niantic also has dedicated portal pokemoncenter.com which encompasses clothing, accessories, video games & figures but the promotional codes that we are gonna put here are valid only for in-app purchases.this is just for our permanent promogump visitors.
how to apply promo code

Working Pokemon Go Promo Codes 2019 List

We advise you to download Pokemon Go app from here or simply update to the latest version from play store Before proceeding

1] Trick to get free pokecoins!

Guys, today we’re going to share a total working method by which you can earn free coins in Pokemon go without spending a time. You just have to follow these steps:

first,Go to Play Store and download ‘Google Opinion Rewards app’.
It’s 2 MB in size and totally authorized as this app is developed by Google itself.

Depending on your area, it will show you the surveys and let me tell you, they are interesting.

They may ask you question regarding local hotels or popular places around your area. It will take hardly 2-3 minutes to complete the survey.
After Finishing, you will get Dollers which will be stored as Google play credits.

Then open Pokemon Go and go to ‘shop’ tab.
Pick up the package of pokecoins and it will popup the payment method box.

There you will see “GooglePlay Balance” option and it will also shows the amount which you earned through opinion rewards.
If you’ve sufficient balance in opinion rewards app then will get the pokecoins for free!

2] Use Sweatcoins to get freebies:

The sweatcoins is a app that gives you free cash for just walking. As the Pokemon Go involves lots of travelling, it won’t be that very hard to gain some good amount with sweatcoin app. Now it’s available only on apple store so just download it today and start earning coins. You will get payment in the form of paypal (Google play gift card option may be added soon). So just walk as you usually do and get paid for that, sounds cool right? You can then use your earned money for buying in-game stuffs.

3] Nowadays-

Now Iam seeing lot many duplicate promo sites that promise you to provide so called “100% working pokemon go codes” but don’t get fooled!! I have checked each and every promocodes website and none of them seems to provide codes that really work. Anyways, now we have one promo code news but I’m not sure how much will it gonna benefit you friends.Pokemon Go has now started sending emails and messages to those players who have not played the Pokemon Go game in last 1 and a half month. But the exact period is unknown, it might be between 1-2 months. And they are sending you promo codes like this:


So if you have any inactive Pokemon Go account that was for 3-4 weeks then there is best chance that you’ve received a unique code on email inbox. So do checkout your inbox also in spam folder to redeem the latest coupon code. It will give you free three Egg Incubators and one Lucky Egg after redemption.


3] Start Using Pokemon Go Friend / Trainer Codes :

If you are level ten or more, then you can now sell your pokemons and many other stuff with your best friends. So you don’t really need a promo offer code for free coins or pokeballs because you can receive them for free from your own friends.But how?.Really, when your best friends receive a giftbox, they can’t use it so they have to share it with you or with other friends they have in their own playlist. So more friends you have, more chances of receiving free Offer goodies!

5] CAFE :

In ninety persentage of the cases this code will not work but still give it a try. From various sources we came to know that Niantic is going to deliver the coupon codes in events or stores. StarBucks is one of them & you can find best working codes from there after buying a coffee or other stuff.Because Newly a Canadian Boy bought pokemon go frappuccino from starbucks & he claimed to have ‘cafe’ promo code mentioned on it, so we are posting it here.

Will I Get PokeCoins for Free?

You Are Here “:Promogump.com – Most probably, the promo codes that you will receive, will fetch you some % offer instead of complete rebate. example, if the pokecoins are valued at $10, then after selecting promo code there will be 10-20% decrease in total amount depending upon the features of coupon.

How to Apply Pokemon Go Promo Codes in Pokemon Go?

1] Only android users can redeem these codes. But Niantic may roll out this feature soon for iOS.
2] Load the game & head over to the map view.
3] Please Click on the pokeball button.
4] Then click on ‘shop’ option & there you will find pokecoins, balls etc.
5] The move down until you hit the bottom.
6] There you will see a Coupon code tab like this:
7] Enter the code & click on apply button. Enjoy the awesome discounts & freebies!

Pokemon Go Promo Codes


Why I’m Not Getting Promo Code Option?

This option is not visible in iPhones & iPads so don’t go crazy over it, you are not gonna get it anyhow until Niantic officially declares this feature. Nevertheless, android users should not find any difficulty getting it but if you are one of those unlucky fellows then here’s what you can do. Simply head over to Google play store and search for pokemon go. Pokemon Go Promo Code Make sure to upgrade the game to its latest version. Pretty straightforward, isn’t it?

Why Promo Code Option is Not Available on iOS?

I tell you something, promo codes are limited to Android os only. Niantic however, tried to tie up but Apple company asked 30% share of the transactions made through Pokemon Go app. Consequently Niantic planned to remove the promo code section from iPhones.

Where can I find promo codes ?

Niantic has partnered with thelargest brands in USA including StarBucks & Sprint. So you might find offer code icon in the map view while playing the game. After buying eligible product at outlets, you will get the pokemon go promocode for free coins on its wrapper or on bill.